“If treating the body alone doesn’t resolve the challenge, then the body alone must not be what created it.”  —Amy B. Scher

BBS Energy Works services whole families, prenatal to adult, even beloved pets.  Whether you are looking for a proactive practice, have an instinct that life could be better for you or a loved one, or know for sure that life could be easier but can’t seem to get to the root of discomforts, we can be the guide to facilitate unblocking energetic pathways for a successful future.

Individualized and requested family or group sessions are available in our Northbridge, Massachusetts space, in your space, or remotely through video chatting.

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Prenatal / Parents

Your baby’s healthy development begins in utero.  At BBS Energy Works we believe a pro-active approach is a wonderful way to prepare you and your baby for a beautiful life together.  With the support of a positive, nurturing practitioner, release your own emotional baggage that baby can absorb or inherit and learn about crucial Early Reflexes that set the stage for more mature behaviors as life goes on.  

Our bodies work most efficiently when energetic and physical blocks are cleared.  BBS Energy Works gently, naturally, and comfortably assists in releasing any blocks to set a stage of optimism and well-being for mommy, daddy, baby, and the whole family!  Methodologies such as Integrative Energy Therapy (IET), Reiki, and The Emotion Code feel relaxing and rejuvenating.  The emotional energy of the whole family effects your babies development.  Using these natural tools BBS Energy Works can support your baby’s emotional well being right from the start.  Clear the way for you and your new addition to the family by releasing emotional baggage, preparing both mommy and baby’s bodies for delivery.

Get informed!  Learn about Early Reflex Integration and how your baby is already moving in reflexive ways in utero.  We automatically move through development sequentially.  Sometimes that development can get interrupted.  BBS Energy Works believes in empowering parents with the knowledge of how to look for healthy movement patterns, and the gentle, natural ways to move them along if they become stuck.  This information will answer many mysteries you may have for any uneasiness you may see when your baby is born.  There are no worries, only power with knowledge! 

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Newborn / Infant

Newborn C.A.R.E.

If your newborn doesn’t appear to be happy, relaxed, calm, or seems to have sensory integration issues right from the start, it may be due to immature development with one or more of their Early Reflexes.  BBS Energy Works offers services with natural Methodologies to aid in moving reflex development along that may have become locked up in utero, during labor and delivery, or shortly thereafter.  This gentle work assists a newborn to reach age appropriate developmental maturity physically and emotionally, even at one day old!

The MORO Reflex sets up our survival response system and gives us our first breath of life when we are born. [1]  This first breath does not always make a smooth appearance, as we often see.  At BBS Energy Works, we observe, listen to parents as they share the pregnancy and birthing story, and then purposefully address the underdeveloped reflexes, such as the MORO, through gentle massage, guided hands-on facilitation of movement patterns, and natural energy work such as Reiki and The Emotion Code to move the body towards homeostasis. We also work with the whole family to release any possible emotional blocks that are related to the infants stuck development.  With these systems in place, your family is set up for success!

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Infant C.A.R.E.

We begin our lives in utero moving in reflexive ways to set our systems up for more mature, purposeful actions.  These Early Reflexes set the stage for later abilities.  If the reflex work does not finish and integrate, an infant may seem extra fussy, compensate later motor patterns such as creative crawling, seem disinterested in play, have difficulty forming initial bonds with family members and close friends, or seek relief from the discomfort the body is experiencing by head banging [2].

These possible underlying immaturities in the neurological system may also affect breast feeding, sensory integration, fine and gross motor abilities, and cause colicky symptoms.  BBS Energy Works honors a caregiver’s instincts.  If you feel that something isn’t quite right, remember that personality traits do not include being stressed, in whatever form that may be showing up as for your infant.

At BBS Energy Works gentle and natural Methodologies are used with infants as soon as one day old to mindfully call these underdeveloped reflexes up in the body and move them along so homeostasis can be achieved.  The results are a happy child, happy parents, and a happy home.

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Are Social, Emotional, Cognitive, and Physical challenges holding your child back from living their best life?  Their body may simply be having a difficult time reaching optimum performance due to emotional triggers and/or developmental immaturities such as the fight/flight/freeze responses.  At BBS Energy Works we understand that children are not behaving adversely to give you a hard time, we know that they are having a hard time.  We look to the root cause to assist in all areas of development.  Academic struggles can be exhausting for child and caregiver,  dis-regulated Sensory Integration may be causing discomfort for your child, or emotional baggage from experiences such as adoption and foster care may feel heavy.  Getting to the root cause of those difficulties and many other indicators through Methodologies such as Early Reflex Integration, Brain Gym and The Emotion Code feel soothing to a child.  These are natural, safe tools which allow neuro connections to be made in the brain stem to set up a solid foundation for more mature abilities to come.  When the brain and body fully matures, all other abilities fall into place beautifully.  Equip your child with the possibility of a positive, carefree outlook on life.

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Do you have unexplained anxiety, fatigue, physical pain, over sensitive startle response (MORO), find yourself freezing up (Fear Paralysis), or any other trouble you would like relief from? Come experience a peaceful, fun approach which combines energy work such as The Emotion CodeReiki, Integrative Energy Therapy (IET), and Touch for Health (TFH), along with Methodologies which address developmental compensations that may have been stressing your system out for years!  Using a method called Applied Kinesiology, we can have a conversation with your body to find out what the root cause of your struggles are.  At BBS Energy Works adults who experience this unique combined practice are amazed that they are more present allowing life’s flow to be lighter and more joyful.  When you connect with that inner strength and energy, you’re free to pursue projects that are dear to your heart, establish clarity in relationships, and sit confidently in the wonderful, strong, joyful person you were meant to be!

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The energy of a pet in our home influences the energy of all other family members.  That goes the other way around too. Animals are sensitive to our human energy and their behavior will be effected by it.  Many children and adults alike have been motivated to check in on their own state of calm so that their pet will be more loving and receptive to snuggling up and enjoy staying by their side.  Success has been found for many, including young children, using this unique approach with attainable meditative techniques which results in a peaceful home environment for the whole family.  

Pets have feelings too!  Any pet owner will tell you that, especially if they watch their beloved family member exhibit behaviors that clearly show an imbalance.  At BBS Energy Works, we know that energy in a body is the same for humans and animals alike.  Similar energy clearing techniques like The Emotion Code, Integrative Energy Therapy (IET) and Reiki are used to make your pet feel better.  Whether you have had your pet since they were young, or you have a rescue animal who carries emotional baggage from previous experiences, BBS Energy Works can take stuck energy out of the healing equation.  Immaturities and/or traumas may show up with a lack of appetite or socially unacceptable behaviors such as excessive barking, jumping up on people, nipping at people, or dis-ease around other animals.  One session may be all it takes to calm your pet’s energy so that a healthy attitude and behavior feels good for them and for the whole family.  You will be amazed at the results!

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