Off-Site Opportunities

BBS Energy Works, LLC offers opportunities for your schools and businesses to host Presentations, Continuing Education Workshops, and Classroom Consults right on your premises.  Invite parents to an informative meeting; gather your staff in their convenient location; or have an Early Childhood Specialist come to your classroom to model BBS developmental concepts. 

Choose from topics which benefit both children and adults alike.  Off-Site Opportunities include Early Reflex Integration, Optimizing the Brain Gym Program, Moving Thru the Three Midlines of the Body to Find Balance in Our Lives, and Mini Emotion Code Experiences.  We are also open to collaborate to customize an Off-Site Opportunity to your specific needs.  Check out our Services and Methodologies to creatively design an educational experience that would most benefit your group.

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BBS Energy Works is on a mission to get out there and spread the word about the impact of underdeveloped Early Reflexes and how this immaturity is making life harder for children and adults everywhere!  Another topic worthy of shouting out is Releasing Emotional Baggage which allows for the possibilities of making huge shifts in our lives physically, emotionally, spiritually and in many other ways you can’t even imagine! We present through educational SEPAC groups, Autism groups, Early Intervention Groups, Schools, and Businesses! 

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Continuing Education

BBS Energy Works is happy to take a trip over to your space to facilitate experiential workshops. Are you looking for fresh topics to excite your staff members? Choose from the following unique areas of focus that will captivate and inspire!

Reflex Integration and How It Affects our Behaviors and Abilities
The Brain Gym® Structure: How to get more out of the 26 movements
Alternative Guiding Principles as they relate to the Early Reflex Development

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Classroom Consults


At BBS Energy Works we truly enjoy empowering teachers and students to be the best version of themselves possible! BBS owner, Christina Hayes, is a MA Licensed Educator who is connected to the pulse of the classroom rhythm. By modeling the BBS concepts you choose, teachers are better able to use mindful and developmental information taught in workshops and courses in a practical setting. The combination makes for a classroom that is organized, respectful and where everyone is speaking the same empowering language.

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