Alternative Educational Support

Tutoring for all ages with a secret weapon of movement to more easily access those smarts! The lasting results are going to blow you away!

Is your child having academic challenges that are holding them back from reaching their full potential?  Their brain may simply be having a difficult time reaching optimum performance due to developmental immaturities and/or emotional triggers.  At BBS Energy Works we understand that children are not behaving adversely to give you a hard time, we know that they are having a hard time.  We look to the root cause of their struggles to assist in all areas of development which effect academic performance. 

Academic struggles can be exhausting for child and caregiver. We’re here to help! Early Reflex Development may be incomplete and lead to Sensory Integration issues, difficulty in accessing brain functions such as working memory, and may be causing your child from being successful with a task at hand.  

Here’s how this alternative tutoring method works:

-We begin diving into a school assignment.
-When we hit a road block, a point of confusion, we stop and take notice.
-We move our body to reorganize our brain around this concept, making strong neuro-connections for the task at hand.
-We then return to the assignment, offer further explanation, and notice if our comprehension ability has improved.

When the brain strengthens these neuro-connections, other abilities fall into place beautifully as well.  Equip your child with the possibility of a positive, carefree outlook on their academics and on life!

$75hr – REMOTE ON-LINE Support Available

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