Words cannot express how truly grateful I am that my son’s Occupational Therapist recommended I take the Reflex Integration course with Christina Hayes. It has been life changing for both myself and my family. Being a mom to three young children, it has been difficult to watch two of my children struggle with sensory processing disorders.  By working on his primitive reflexes, my son was able to develop and integrate reflexes with his OT that he hadn’t done as a baby. This Reflex Integration work has allowed him to overcome some of the hypo-sensitivity barriers that have prevented him from being able to focus, learn and truly develop as a toddler.

After seeing such tremendous results with my son, I knew I needed to learn more. The Reflex Integration course with Christina was AMAZING!! Not only was the material fascinating to learn, but the atmosphere Christina created made it feel more like a retreat than a class. The knowledge I gained during the three days has proven invaluable. Not only has it allowed me to help my children progress in the various stages of their developmental processes, but it has given me the power to recognize when my body needs reflex work as well.

This new found physical and emotional awareness has given me a sense of control over my body, and as a result has allowed me to better control my stress, anxiety, and overall sense of well-being. I can’t recommend this course enough. For expecting moms and moms with young children, Reflex Integration knowledge is a must!