Working with Christina has been such an amazing experience for our whole family. We started with Emotion Code sessions, and we were excited to start to see positive changes in not only our four year old child, but in all of us – our parents and ourselves. The primary concern had been getting our child “out of his shell.” We are amazed at how much progress we have seen over 4 weeks. Now, we see him vocalizing much more and starting to be more aware of his environment and make progress in multiple areas. At home and at school he is more present and noticing what is going on around him in a curious way; his appetite has grown quite a bit since he came out of his Moro Reflex.  He’s even standing up for what he wants in a more typical assertive and bossy way. It’s great!  We have a long way to go, but are confident that we will get to the finish line, with Christina’s help. We would definitely recommend her!