My 3 year old son Kyler was recently diagnosed with autism. I was afraid that in this modern world he would struggle with everyday life and be misunderstood. I couldn’t bear the thought of not doing everything in my power to give my son the best chance at life. I took all the proper steps in giving him the services he required. He has gone through early intervention, is in ABA, and has an IEP but, I still felt like I could do more…that he needed more! I could see and feel how frustrated Kyler would get when pushed to do normal tasks. I felt like he had no voice, no outlet to express his feelings. Watching him struggle was heartbreaking. I realized that I needed to find a way to get him to process and release the emotions in a healthier manner. So as a strong believer in energy healing, I decided to go with my gut feeling and pursued a holistic avenue along with the traditional therapies. 

After my son Kyler and I worked with Christina in the first session I was shocked to see how quickly he improved! I love that Christina has kid friendly space to work with children and that she has plenty of experience working with young kids, as well as whole families. I have been doing energy work for years and was unable to find someone who was really good with toddlers. Christina is patient and understanding of Kyler’s behavior. Her gentle approach is extremely calming for both he and I. I can’t express enough how grateful we are to have found BBS Energy Works!

Christina not only helped with emotional healing but also with physical healing! Kyler was constantly tripping over his own two feet and after the first session he barely stumbled, let alone fall. His jumping ability was stronger and more confident. He also stopped walking up to strangers and randomly hugging them. Instead he now walks up to them trying to start a conversation while maintaining eye contact! It is incredible!!

I also received personal energy work from Christina and found that my anxiety surrounding his diagnoses slowly slipped away. Kyler and I share a trauma from a past life that has affected us in this life. Being a believer in past lives I was fully aware of this but for months couldn’t figure out how to heal it. Christina did not hesitate to jump right in and help ease the past energy that was blocking us from moving forward and feeling whole. 

Christina was exactly what we needed! Kyler now has a healthy way of healing and releasing any pent up negative feelings. My hope is that through all of this energy work my son will develop healthy coping skills that will stay with him throughout his entire life. We all need to be able to find a sense of calmness in this chaotic world and feel at peace. Christina is amazing at what she does and I have seen the difference it’s making in our lives first hand!! It’s truly incredible!