In utero, and primarily throughout the first year of life, we are guided in development through early reflex activity.  These automatic motor patterns are essential to brain stem development as they are the building blocks for higher level abilities.  Our bodies develop sequentially and if any of the reflex activity is missed in this sequence, or not worked through in a strong manner, we in turn miss out on vital neuro connections that are setting the stage for higher level thinking such as executive functioning tasks and mature social expectations.

Within the first year of life, the majority of these movement patterns should be complete and integrated as they have a limited lifespan; if they are not, the body waits for the completion of the brain development.  This may show up as immature motor skills, academics, and behaviors, complaints of aches and pains, and often falling or bumping into objects or people.

Find out how to identify, address, and move these incomplete reflexes along to make life easier for everyone!

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