Brain Gym® is a movement-based, learning readiness program which provides the framework for BBS Energy Work therapy.  The power in the information provided in this BG 101 course comes from the concepts behind the movements many folks have seen in action.  Through the simplicity of goal setting, noticing and movement, self-improvement is attainable for people of all ages!  The power of intention, being in the moment, and noticing without worry or judgement are wonderful side bar benefits gained from the Brain Gym program.  Come and see how you can incorporate this modality into your world!

Course Bonus! – Earn 24 hours towards your Brain Gym Licensure!  This course satisfies the first and second BG 101 requirements!  Receive a reduced rate on the second BG 101 required experience!

Course Location:

BBS Energy Works, LLC, Northbridge, MA 01534

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