“I have worked with Christina a few times to really dig deep into my emotional work and my shadow work. She is incredibly intuitive and gifted in her healing work. I feel as though she was able to peel back layers of the onion of my life (lives) to reveal that which needed to be recognized, healed, integrated, and then finally released. She brought me to a whole other level of healing and awareness than I could have ever imagined was possible.

Christina uses multiple modalities to help in her process, and it’s completely custom to each client, as was the case with me. We did some Emotion Code, some energy pendulum past lives work, channeling, with some Reiki and Light Connection to support the work. All of my experiences with Christina were profound and really allowed me to be able to release that which I no longer resonate with, to help me navigate just that much easier/better on this life journey.

I also had the wonderful opportunity to work with Christina in regards to some fear issues that my dog suffers from. With her help, we were able to get to the root cause of past fears and thus begin work to release them and therefore calm her behaviors.”